Many people fall in love with the look and wonderful nature of the dachshund. There is not much that is cuter than a dachshund puppy, with its long ears and distinctive long body. It is very easy then to get carried away with buying a dachshund without first considering their needs.

The dachshund, like any dog, has their own distinct characteristics. They have certain special requirements that are not found in every home. Before you make your mind up on getting a dachshund, here are a few things you need to consider. These are not meant to prevent you from purchasing a dachshund. They are there to inform you of the things you need to consider before purchasing a dachshund. If these considerations can be met, then you are a suitable home for a dachshund.

Long term commitment
Dachshunds can live to 15 years and beyond. They will be with you for many years of your life. Are you prepared to take care of a dachshund for that long?

Good Fencing
Do you have fences that a dachshund cannot go over, through or under? Fences usually need to be at least 1.0 metre high. Wire mesh fences may be chewed through, so good solid or timber paling fences are suitable. The fence may also need to be secured around the base with either wire laid on the ground or some solid material such as concrete or old bricks.

Are you prepared for the puppy stage?
Puppies like to rummage around in gardens, chew whatever they can find, dig holes etc. Puppies are like little toddlers and require patience and tolerance. If you do not want to go through the puppyhood phase you may want to consider an older dachshund.

Are you prepared for your dachshund to become part of your family?
Dachshunds need regular interaction from their owners. As a dachshund has a pack instinct, they need regular attention. Leaving a dachshund for alone for long periods of time is not an environment that suits a dachshund as they can become anxious and vocal. Continual barking will annoy your neighbours.

Are you or another family member home at least part of the day or do you have another dog?
The dachshund is a pack animal and as such needs to have regular companionship. They will tend to get into mischief if they are left on their own for long periods of time. The best home for a dachshund is one where they have company for most of the day, either human or in the company of another dog. Dachshunds need the company of their human pack or another canine friend. Left for lengthy periods of time on a regular basis will make for a very unhappy, lonely and very bored dachshund who will soon get up to mischief to relieve that boredom – ie barking, digging, chewing, trying to escape – these are but a few avenues of entertainment for a bored dachshund.

Consider the cost
Besides the initial outlay for the purchase of your dachshund it will also be necessary for your dachshund to be desexed, vaccinated every year, be put on heartworm prevention, registered with the local council, kennelling while you are on holidays and of course may require other veterinary services for unforeseen reasons. This can add up to a substantial cost and can be a drain on a family budget.

A dachshund is a scent hound
The dachshund has an extremely strong sense of smell and is probably their most important sense. As a result, this can take over from everything else. When they are on a scent, the have very little focus for anything else, including angry owners yelling to them to come back, or hazards such as cars and busy roads. You need to be committed to training your dachshund so they will return on call or to focus on other senses beside their sense of smell.

A dachshund has a major food drive
One of the biggest problems with dachshunds is being overfed. They have an immense food drive and are often fed more than they need. As a result it is often common to see an overweight or obese dachshund which will significantly reduce their health and cause spinal issues which may result in IVDD (Invertebral Disk Disease). You need discipline to feed a dachshund only what they need. Do not rely on a dachshund telling when it is enough because they never will.

If you believe you can address the above issues, you are very possibly a suitable home for a dachshund.