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Purchasing a Dachshund
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Promoting the health and wellbeing of purebred Dachshunds

Purchasing a Dachshund

Whether you choose to purchase a puppy from a registered breeder or whether you choose to rehome an older dog, their care and wellbeing are of utmost importance.

View the Breed Directories below for details of Breeders and Stud dog owners who are registered members of the Dachshund Club of Queensland, and our preferred adoption centre.

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Before Getting a Dachshund

Many people fall in love with the look and wonderful nature of the dachshund. It is very easy then to get carried away with buying a dachshund without first considering their needs.
The dachshund, like any dog, has their own distinct characteristics. They have certain special requirements that are not found in every home. Before you make your mind up on getting a dachshund, here are a few things you need to consider.

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Your Dachshund Puppy

Your new puppy will find her new home a big change from the warmth and familiarity of her old home and littermates. Allow her time to become familiar with her new home and family.

Some puppies need more time than others to adjust. Read our guide below.


Adopt and rehome Dachshunds

Devoted2Dachshunds Rescue is the Dachshund Club of Queensland’s adoption centre of choice. For adopting or rehoming a Dachshund please contact our rescue coordinator Ricky Grierson:

Mobile: 0418 789 456
Email: rgrierson@d2dr.org.au

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Caring for a Senior Dachshund

Just like people, even the most energetic of puppies slow down with age. It’s normal for senior dachshunds to lose energy and gain weight but keeping your dog in good shape inside and out will help him live a long and happy life. Here are some top tips to keep your senior dog’s inner puppy thriving.

Breed Knowledge


A breed standard is a guideline that describes the ideal characteristics, temperament, and appearance of a breed and ensures that the breed is fit for function with soundness being essential. Breeders and judges should at all times be mindful of features that could be detrimental in any way to the health, welfare or soundness of this breed.


Our Australian Dachshund breed standard is modelled on that of the Dachshund Breed Council in the UK and as such it is important that we keep up to date with the breed standard and regulations relating to Dachshunds coming from the governing body in the UK.

Breed History

Nine varieties, one dog, three coats, three sizes – the Dachshund has an interesting and rich history. Find out more about the history of the Dachshund breed.

Become a Member

Whether you intend to show your dog, do obedience or own as a pet, all Dachshund owners are welcome to become members of Dachshund Club of Queensland.

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Raising a Dachshund
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