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About Club Membership

Membership is done on an annual basis from 1 October to 30 September each year and costs $20 per individual or $25 per couple. If you should join halfway during the year then a pro-rata payment can be calculated.

Whether you intend to show your dogs, or just to attend our training days, you are most welcome. You may have a Dachshund as a pet and not be interested in showing but are keen to join in on the Fun Days and Social Events that we hold during the year and again, you are most welcome.


Schedule of Fees

Subscription Fees effective 1st October 2022:


Term Single Double Junior (U18)

Full Year (01/10/22 to 30/09/23)


$25 $10

Half Year (If joining after April 2023)


$12.50 $5

Breeders Directory (Optional)

Application for Inclusion in the Breeders Directory
Fee: $5 per breeder per year (01/10/21 to 30/09/22)

Stud Directory (Optional)

Application for Inclusion in the Stud Directory
Fee: $5 per dog per year (01/10/22 to 30/09/23)

Membership Terms

Membership of the Dachshund Club of Queensland Inc will cease if a member is two months in arrears after the date for renewal of their membership.

The membership year is between the 1st of October and the 30th September each year.

Any member who has not renewed by the 1st of December each year will be removed from the membership register.

A NEW member application will be reviewed by the Management Committee at its next meeting after receiving the application. The Secretary will advise the applicant as soon as practicable of the Management Committee decision.

Dachshund Club Membership Form

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    The Dachshund Club of Queensland Inc carries Public Liability Insurance under cover for affiliated clubs provided by Dogs Queensland. Limit of Indemnity is $20 million.